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Productivity tools can either help you or get in the way. Landkit aims to remove all barriers between you and just getting stuff done. Give us a try and we promise you won't regret it.

Built for developers

Landkit is built to make your life easier. Variables, build tooling, documentation, and reusable components.

Designed to be modern

Designed with the latest design trends in mind. Landkit feels modern, minimal, and beautiful.

Documentation for everything

We've written extensive documentation for components and tools, so you never have to reverse engineer anything.

Our customers speak volumes about us.

We work with some of the most successful companies from the U.S. to Japan on how to work as a global team.

Uses Landkit to keep their remote teams from around the world in sync.

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Uses Landkit to document their processes for acquiring shows.

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Uses Landkit to share their brand assets across their teams.

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Uses Landkit to plan their product development with engineering.

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Uses Landkit to share financial projections with their investors.

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Uses Landkit to plan their priorities for the company quarterly and annually.

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Rich dashboards keep your entire company in sync.

Visualizing all your company's data and commication in one place helps reveal opportunities and expose trouble areas. Stop cobbling together spreadsheets, charts, graphs, CSVs, emails, and documents.

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Monthly customer retention. Folks love Landkit and come back.


Guaranteed uptime for all of our services no matter what.


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