Advanced Practice Education Associates (APEA) prepares new nurse practitioners for success on national certification exams by providing impactful evidence-based review courses and study tools. Additionally, APEA develops faculty support solutions that help NP students master core content, earn board certification, and enter practice as confident, competent nurse practitioners.


  • APEA
  • 30-38 employees
  • Lafayette, LA


  • Medical


  • Web Design
  • Web Application(s)
  • Mobile Application

Time spent

  • 2021, 3 months

About the client

Since its inception in 1997, Advanced Practice Education Associates (APEA) has been at the forefront of nursing education, helping prepare NP students for their certification exams. Founded by Amelie Hollier, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP, and Jeanie Doucet, MBA, MT (ASCP), APEA's mission was clear: to support the evolving needs of nurse practitioners from education to practice. With a rich history of innovation and dedication, APEA has grown to offer a wide array of educational resources and tools, benefiting hundreds of NP programs and thousands of students across the United States.


Despite its substantial impact on nursing education, APEA's digital presence was limited to a simple WordPress site with an online store for selling study guides and resources. As the demand for high-quality, accessible NP educational materials grew, it became apparent that this platform could not keep pace with the needs of APEA's expanding audience. The site struggled with scalability, user experience, and engagement challenges, hindering APEA's ability to effectively reach and support its community.



Recognizing the need for a digital transformation, APEA partnered with us to overhaul their e-commerce site and develop a suite of flagship applications designed to meet the diverse needs of both individual users and universities. This comprehensive project included:

  • E-Commerce Site Revamp: A complete rebuild of APEA's online presence to offer a seamless, user-friendly experience for purchasing educational resources.
  • OTC, QBANK, CareOnPoint, CECENTER Development: The creation of four flagship apps, each tailored to address specific aspects of NP education and practice. These tools were designed to enhance learning outcomes, provide up-to-date clinical information, and support continuous education, thereby extending APEA's reach and impact significantly.
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    The transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. APEA's new e-commerce site and apps have led to significant improvements in site traffic, user engagement, and resource sales. Feedback from both personal users and universities has been overwhelmingly positive, with many highlighting the ease of access to high-quality educational materials and the practical utility of the new apps in both classroom and clinical settings. The digital overhaul has not only enhanced APEA's ability to fulfill its mission but has also solidified its position as a leader in NP education.


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    Lilian Bocouse

    Lilian Bocouse

    Head of Marketing

    “Around provides us with the detailed and accurate data we need to make strategic decisions. All tools are constantly being improved and contain a lot of useful and interesting information. Thanks to Around, we can constantly analyze our big data quickly and efficiently.”